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Make Discord bots faster, smarter, easier

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Easy events

With a few clicks of a button, your bot can automatically respond to any event just as easily as commands. Discord Bot Workshop will make sure you never have to worry about performance, deadlines or errors again.

Best way to visually program

With a user friendly and easy to use workspace, Discord Bot Workshop can enhance discord bots in ways you could never imagine.

Unlimited workspace

Work as much as you need and never run out of space to work with allowing for smoother and more efficient work.

Code generation

Genarate code as you work and use it to export/externally host your bot project. And when you don't want to use DBW to create your bot anymore, you can edit the code to your liking!

  • The developers are doing a really great job with this tool. It is fully customizable and looks awesome; its much better than other bot makers and cheaper as well! If you're looking for a bot maker, I definately recommend you to get this! It's also only $4.99 which is like the cost of one burger!

    - DBW User
  • Simple, easy to learn and a great software for people who want to create bots with unlimited possibilities and no required coding! Recommended 100%!

    - DBW User
  • Like any bot maker, it takes a while to get used to. I switched to DBW after bot makers I tried were either not being updated, were too hard or were just not working. DBW was only started in January 2021 and has already far surpassed any competition and is much cheaper as well! It has no limits and is just an all round great software. Thumbs up from me 👍

    -DBW User

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